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Washing machine not spinning properly

If your laundry is coming out of the washing machine soaking wet at the end of the cycle, there could be various reasons for this issue. In many cases, you can fix it on your own without relying on a professional's help. Let's take a look at the possible causes and solutions.

The washing machine fails to spin correctly - probable causes

The malfunctioning of a washing machine spin cycle isn't always due to a faulty appliance; inadequate maintenance or incorrect handling could also be at fault. Let's explore some possible reasons:

Transport lock not removed

Brand new washing machines come with a transport lock to safeguard them during transit. If your newly bought machine hasn't moved, there's a high probability that this lock is still in place. Refer to the user manual for help.

Correct washing machine placement

For the spin cycle to function correctly, it must be installed in a secure and stable location. The device's levelness can be tested using a spirit level. Small bumps can be compensated for using special washing machine pads that can be bought from the hardware store.

Improper laundry loading

Every washing machine is designed to hold a particular load capacity - determined when clothes are dry. However, when water is added, clothes become heavy. Overloading can occur, so be aware of this and avoid it.

Blocked fluff filter, pump, drain hose or siphon

Lint and small objects must not enter the interior of the washing machine. The lint filter is responsible for collecting these. Lack of regular cleaning is a common source of program malfunctions.

A blockage in the pump causes not only improper drainage but also ineffective spinning of the laundry. The drying process cannot start if the machine is not draining properly.

The drain hose can cause problems as well. This hose typically connects to the drain outlet and when it is blocked, it prevents water from flowing out and causes a build-up inside the machine.

Cleaning the Lint Filter, Pump, and Drain Hose:

In most cases, cleaning the machine's components will resolve the issue. Here are some steps to take:

Cleaning the Fluff Filter: Open the bottom door of the washing machine. Remove any visible debris by hand. Thoroughly wash it under running water and dry using a lint-free microfiber cloth.

The Pump:

The pump is safeguarded by both the filter and impeller. Hence, it's better to clean both of them simultaneously. Large foreign bodies often get stuck in the impeller. Shine a flashlight into the hole made upon filter removal. Use your fingers to extract any large debris. Wash the impeller with running water before reinstalling it.

The Drain Hose:

First, unplug the machine, and grab an empty bucket. Disconnect the clamps on the hose and drain it. Soak the hose in dish soap or protein remover for a few hours. Rinse the hose well with high-pressure water. A bottle brush may help to clean it thoroughly.


Place towels or cleaning rags below the machine to catch any residual water that may leak. Avoid using harsh detergents. Clean the filter, pump, and hose for dirt and debris at least once annually.

If, after attempting all the measures, the washing machine still produces inadequate spin, it may be due to worn-out motor brushes, defective shock absorbers, or a broken pump. In any of these cases, it's best to call a specialist for assistance. The technician will examine the machine for any such faults and determine if it's worth repairing or if you're better off purchasing a new one.

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